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A slutty nature will always remain a slut, even if you get married and have a family, it still cannot be easily changed. My company started allowing remote work. Because I was so bored with the hustle and bustle of city life, I decided to return to my parents' house in the countryside. Accidentally passing by his ex-girlfriend's house, memories of his high school days returned. We used to make love like crazy animals, and of course she not only made love with me but also with countless other men. When I mentioned the past to her, she kept saying that it was over, that now she was very different, had a family, and a husband who loved her. But I know, her lustful, masochistic nature is still the same. I went to squeeze her breasts and immediately she was soaking wet down there. I constantly do intimate actions that we used to do together in the past. Mayuki's true self gradually emerged, she completely obeyed me, becoming my sex slave like she had before...

CAWD-226 Returning home, I met my lustful ex-lover who was already married
 Movie Code: CAWD-226 
 Actor: Mayuki Ito